About branBYTES


branBYTES is created to supplement your meal and provide the key components of whole grains. Your meal may have white rice or white bread (white flour). Whats taken away from your grains are added in branBYTES. It has both bran and germ of the grain. Thus branBYTES provides what your meal does not.

Learn more about Whole grains on Wikipedia.

We keep branBYTES under 55 calories so as to not overwhelm your meal with more calories.We only use healthy ingredients in branBYTES, so sugar is an ingredient. Although some ingredients like cranberries and chocolate may have sugar, so we use them sparingly to keep sugar under 1 gram.

A great addition to even protein diet. Provides nutrition of plants, without the those empty carbs of the refined grain.

branBYTES has only the essential components of the whole grain – bran and germ. The bran provides the fiber and the germ provides the nutrients.