Whole Grains Made Whole Lot Easier

Our Story

Since the whole grain revolution a decade ago, my wife started to incorporate more whole grains in our diet. But very soon we realized it’s not feasible to eat whole grains all the time. Most of the restaurants do not carry whole grain foods. Even if they do; they have fewer options of whole grains. For example: Whole Foods Market pizza is not whole grain. Subway, of the ten breads they offer, only one bread has Whole grain wheat. Cooking whole grains was not easy either, and kids wouldn’t eat what was cooked.

As I was always interested in foods and how they are processed, I started researching what are whole grains and how they are different from refined grains. After some research I understood that bran and germ are removed from whole grains, to make our food tastier, look better and increase the shelf life of the food. Unfortunately the bran and germ are the most nutritious part of the grain.

Me being an engineer, started thinking if it was possible to add back everything what’s been taken out – to make it a whole grain.

Initially we started eating just bran and germ by itself before a meal. They did not taste great. That led us to create branBYTES and branCRISPS. Which were lot more easier to consume.

After talking to friends and doing some surveys we soon realized most of the people are not able to consume whole grains, as much as they are supposed to eat (48g a day). We said to ourselves, lets help everybody with this new creation.

When we demoed our product at Farmers Markets, lot of people said we should go to Shark Tank. Then we did win “Innovative Food” Award from UC Davis business competition.

We wanted to make nutrition of whole grains easily accessible. And we are proud we accomplished just that.

Every serving of branBYTES/branCRISPS provides 16g of whole grains!